From Jake P.

Brad is amazing. Our friendship goes back nearly 20 years. During this time I have witnessed his successful rise as an entrepreneur and businessman. Not only is Brad business savvy, he knows what he is talking about with it comes to health and fitness. He has competed in many Ironman contests, wich many consider the pinnacle of achievement in being fit and active.

Brad has helped me grab control of my health. I am a cancer survivor, I have diabetes, and high blood pressure. I weighed in at 402 pounds in the Fall of 2016. Brad coached me on a new way of eating healthy. It’s not a diet, but a way of eating to follow for the rest of your life. It’s contradictory to everything we have learned, and everything professionals tell us about diet. After following Brad’s advice, my blood pressure as improved, my cholesterol has improved, and my A1C (which is more or less the measure of control one has with their diabetes) has improved. I no longer have the nagging aching pains that come with arthritis in my knees. I have energy that lasts the whole day. I eat great.

I eat foods that are filling and satisfying. I do not feel deprived. When I started, I told myself I would do this for a month, and when that month was up, I would give myself a cheat day. The month passed by I never took that cheat day. The results have been amazing I feel better than ever. I am 62 days into this new way of life, I have lost 69.3 pounds and
I can never go back to what I was doing before.

Brad is a great coach. He truly cares about helping people; he is motivating, responsive, and supportive. I am grateful that Brad approached me with this crazy diet. He asked me to trust him, and follow it no matter how crazy it sounded. I am glad I did. He helped my save my life.