Breakfast Tacos

Breakfast tacos are a favorite in our home.  This makes for a great low carb meal and is a fantastic gluten free option.

Feel free to change this up and use all types of toppings. For this meal I used what I had on hand and the kids loved it.

First I prepared the toppings and shredded the cheese.






On a non-stick pan add a half cup of shredded cheese. Heat until the cheese is completely melted. The longer you heat the cheese the harder the cheese shell will end up being.


I took this picture off of another website.  I used the rack in-side of my oven and the picture revealed how nasty dirty my oven was so I was not allowed to use it.

I scooped up the melted cheese with a spatula, opened the oven door and placed the shell so that the sides drooped down and shaped a taco shell.  Once it cools you have a great tasting hard taco shell.

 I also just simply moved the melted cheese to a plate, added the toppings and wrapped it like a burrito.

Add your favorite hot sauce and enjoy!




I would love to hear your experience. How did it go for you? How did you change it up, and did you enjoy it? Please comment below.

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