We take the approach that no business person is truly successful unless they feel good and are healthy.  As well, no fit person is successful unless they can reach their goals and feel they are providing for their loved ones.

Here at ActiveX we look at the entire person, physically, mentally and financially. We are goal oriented with an emphasis in the areas of nutrition, mental health and professional productivity. It does not matter whether you are the new kid in your organization or the CEO who is getting ready to sale the business. We all have areas where we need to improve.

Let’s sit down together and discuss what you are looking to accomplish. We run an organization dedicated to demonstrable success. We will have assessments on a regular basis and make sure you feel we are helping you accomplish what you desire. If we do not show you the results, we demand you fire us!

Its the only way we will both succeed!


Here at ActiveX every client receives an in-depth health assessment. I will review your nutritional goals and set you on a path that will lead you to health, happiness and eventually exactly where you want to be. Once you are feeling better, loosing fat and have the energy you need you are in a position to really accomplish your business, productivity and wealth goals.

How do I charge:

Initial consultation, goal setting, educational and meal planning:            $150

Help along the way:                                                                                    $49.00 per session

Sometimes you just need some extra one on one support. I am here to support you, and aid you in accomplishing your goals. If you need a little extra support, I can set up a special session to help you on a more personal level.


After 15+ years of running my own companies I have seen it all… Some business have failed, some have been sold for millions of dollars. I have had businesses with a few employees, and others with nearly 100.

Let me help you get to where you want to be with your business. No need to relive the school of hard knocks.

I grew up on a small Utah farm, working hard and earning every penny I had to spend on my school clothes… I grew up being somewhat successful in sports and getting horrible information regarding nutrition. After years of competing in triathlons and competing in multiple Ironman triathlons I finally found out the secrets to nutrition and fitness.

Let me educate you in theses areas. There is not need for you to suffer and learn all of the nutritional aspects the hard way. STOP dieting, STOP killing yourself for hours in the gym.

Health and fitness can be broken down fairly easily. Understanding what your body is and what it is made up of can help you accomplish your health and fitness goals much more quickly.


I look forward to speaking with you and helping you accomplish your goals.  In short

“There is no wealth without out health!”